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Govology Watch Party – Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI) Rules for Federal Contractors

A government contractor cannot perform a contract requiring access to classified information unless the contractor is free of Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI) or implements appropriate safeguards to protect national security. Additionally, contractors may be subject to a FOCI review for certain contracts without security clearance requirements as part of the Contracting Officer’s responsibility assessment.

In this course, Govology Legal Analyst Steven Koprince provides an overview of the FOCI rules for government contractors. Topics include:

  • Which federal contracts are subject to FOCI rules?
  • How does the government evaluate whether a contractor is operating under foreign ownership, influence, or control?
  • What responsibilities does a contractor or potential contractor have to identify and report FOCI concerns?
  • How can a contractor mitigate an actual or potential FOCI problem?
  • What are some common misconceptions about the FOCI rules?
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Aug 07 2024


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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