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Project Spectrum: Defending Your Small Business in Cyberspace

Educate businesses on the landscape of Cybersecurity Threats


Educate businesses that nation-states and sophisticated hackers are indeed targeting even the smallest of businesses if they are handling sensitive government information.


Provide an overview on Federal regulations for safeguarding data and information


Give businesses data and guidance on the regulations they are obligated to comply with to obtain DoD contracts, to help protect proprietary and Government data, and to improve cybersecurity.


Brief businesses on the CMMC process


Provide businesses an overview of the CMMC, scope and gap assessments, required documentation, self attestation, SPRS scores, and how to get certified.


Provide an overview on how Project Spectrum can help with the CMMC journey


Educate businesses on the services provided by Project Spectrum, how they can use those services to reduce or eliminate costs related to CMMC compliance, and how to improve their cybersecurity posture.


Mar 13 2024


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

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