Small Business Enterprise Certification (SBE)

  •  The eligible owner(s) controls 100% of the firm. An “eligible owner” is an individual who meets the requirements of items (2) and (3) below.
  • Gross sales receipts of the firm do not exceed $7,500,000 averaged over a five-year period.
  • The eligible owner’s personal net worth does not exceed $1.32 million.
  • The eligible owner(s) is actively involved in the day-to-day management and control of the firm, as well as the delivery of its products and services.
  • The firm is a bona fide existing business that performs work for the purpose of making a profit. A newly formed firm may be certified. Not-for-profit organizations are not eligible to be certified as SBEs.
  • The firm is independent as indicated by the absence of control or influence of a non-SBE firm. The firm does not share personnel, facilities, equipment, financial or other resources with a non-SBE firm. The firm is not “affiliated” with a non-SBE firm as defined by Small Business Administration Regulations, 13 CFR part 121.
  • The firm seeking SBE certification must cooperate fully with the Department’s requests for information relevant to the certification process. Failure or refusal to provide such information may result in denial or removal of certification.