Success Story – Coast to Coast Custom Mobile Vending

Coast to Coast Custom Mobile Vending founder Tyler Hagan went from running a food truck, to building them.

“After running my own food truck, I realized there was good money to be made by actually building trailers and trucks for like businesses or restaurants and schools. We have a private industry focus for restaurants, schools, and country clubs.”

His company’s focus turned to looking at government contracting.

“Government contracting is basically the same – trying to sell trucks and trailers to agencies. Food trucks, mobile housing – there’s a lot of different options.”

Tyler knew he would need assistance to pursue government contracting. A google search led him to PTAC SC (now SC APEX Accelerators). After signing up, he was assigned counselor Ashley Duwel.

“Ashley helped us from our first step, we understood what to do, and how things work much faster and easier.  Overall – I think Ashley has been instrumental in helping us learn the contracting space, from our first meetings.  We won a contract with the DLA /NAVSEA as well.”

Coast to Coast’s contracts with U.S. Fish and Game and USACE totaled to approximately $40,000.