Success Story – CRANK Marketing Group

CRANK Marketing Group LLC contacted SC APEX Accelerator in the summer of 2022 to learn about state contracting opportunities.
“Our SC APEX Procurement Counselor, Ashley Duwel, recommended that we focus our contracting efforts at the SC state level since we were a new company that needed past performance in order to compete effectively at the federal level,” CRANK Marketing Group CEO Cynthia Newman said.

CRANK utilized SC APEX’s Bid Match system, which alerted them to contract opportunities. “Bid Match has been instrumental in helping us filter out potential solicitations because it is tailored to CRANK Marketing Group LLC’s specific needs … We’ve won 5 state contracts with South Carolina.”
CRANK Marketing Group has been awarded $1,177,896 from the five state contracts.
CRANK Marketing Group has three primary areas of concentration in their Contracting Division: Professional Services (which includes all Marketing Services – both online & offline), Environmental Services, and Construction Services.
“Our teaming partners augment our capabilities, train our staff and transfer knowledge to our team. Winning and performing successfully on these contracts gives us the experience, capabilities, and skill level, we need to be competitive and become a better partner with the Department of Defense in the future,” Newman said.