Success Story – I.T. Phalanx

I.T. Phalanx’s CEO Charline Perry was awarded a $24,000 contract from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs for Information Technology services. Perry says that SC APEX counselors assisted her through the entire process – from the solicitation to the award.

“Mrs. Ashley Duwel and Mr. Ron Conner helped me by answering all the many questions I had about the solicitation,” Perry said.

She also mentioned receiving help with wording her emails when she had questions for the customer.

“They helped by providing guidance on bid pricing and being more confident in communicating with my customer with the information I needed to know. They helped me through the hurdles that I initially faced and helped me overcome those.”

Perry says that because of the assistance she received from SC APEX she is confident in moving forward with the process in the future.

“They helped me better understand, and I can communicate the bid process more efficiently and effectively.”