Success Story – Travel the World

Veronique Sarad owns and operates a full-service travel agency that handles the hassle of trip planning for her clients. Travel The World LLC focuses on assisting corporate and government organizations with their lodging and travel needs. Sarad takes charge of the entire process from research to negotiation and travel support.

Sarad came to SC APEX for assistance with System for Award Management (SAM) to ensure she was entering her information correctly. “This was completely new territory for me. I worked as a subcontractor last year but had not submitted any offers as a prime contractor before,” Sarad said.

Sarad was recently awarded $43,709.88 to provide Hotel and Lodging Services for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Her SC APEX counselor assisted her with applying for the contract, “She answered my questions regarding information I wanted and needed to submit. She is always very prompt and has valuable insight.”

Sarad also notes that working with her counselor helped to prepare her for this and future opportunities.

“My counselor has been answering my questions for months. This means I have been gaining knowledge from her that has helped me prepare my offer independently. She has reviewed past offers, given me feedback and has made suggestions repeatedly.”